Conseils de démarrage et le problème des vautours Venture

ByBlake Janover

Start-up, I'm here to save you. Venture capitalists, I apologize for what may come off as defamation - not my intention. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, listen. Most of you are completely able to start small and organic growth, and with a little guidance and some constructive criticism quickly here and there. Not all small businesses need large or even small capital injections. Rapid growth can occur without debt, without equity partners, without a great big Admin Panel. The problem is that not all startups cannot afford consultation, some startups are insecure, other owners believe that the only way to accelerate the growth is with the most money. To tell the truth, too rapid growth can be a problem too (I'll reply at a later stage). Whatever it is, this is where incubators come. Venture capitalists start circling. Angel investors are beginning to listen. A little money and an expertise business and everything suddenly they have 25% of your small business. As far as I'm concerned. unfair. You can do it yourself and can be preferable to.

More specifically, I talk with those who have a business with sub 10 million dollars per year in revenue. Once you get past that point some debt or equity may be appropriate, the things are changing there. It is a bit like a new territory. But this is for all you guys out there with no income, or for those of you who may have a hundred grand a year, or perhaps a month. Not that you all should be grouped in. I want to just show that you may well not need the capital that you think that you need. Organic growth is the most beautiful thing in the world. Ramp slowly towards the top of your business, testing little bit different marketing mechanisms, learning from your own experiences. Success in business is derived from the travel. Many would say that there is more to be derived from the travel and the fight that there are obvious financial rewards.

Start-up, you need some advice. Of course. Your young, your news and as some investors see 'Angel'. You are the venerable. If it helps at all, I am available, for now, free of charge. But it is really useless me either. You have just need time and patience. Consider how you got and how much you have done so far. It is exactly that as investors see. Investors put their money behind you, not the idea. If they would believe in you, so you should too. And if you're not sure if they would believe in you, begin to believe in you, and they would.

I won't be too critical of angel investors or venture capitalists. They can bring tremendous value to the table; grids, large amounts of money, credibility and experience. I would just like to say that this is not always necessary and you should have confidence in the business you generate and in yourself. Organic growth exists. Does it truly; Supported by its dedication, sacrifice and hard work. What the matter is, if I respond that I will do. Consulting, feedback and direction should not cost you 5, 10, 20% of your business... your baby.