To achieve the investment of Venture Capital

ByAlex flower

Many people these days here trying to start their own business. However, there is a persistent problem, that haunts the dreams of everyone - where can I get the money?

There are lots of possibilities, and head for investors of venture capital or venture capital so called, who are ready to feed you with a large amount of money, provided that use you them. This is no easy task, and you'll probably have to make bloody competition surrounded a 1000 other enthusiasts. However, once you're in for the interview, you have a real chance.

The first step along the way is request. It's the biggest fight, because you will most often not social interactions with investors at this level, and you must prove that you are good in text and video form.

You need to prepare your business plan, lay out as few words as possible and make sure that you don't sell layers of monkey, because we all know that this idea has not a long time before. A good YouTube clip is always a good idea, because they would like to see your face and hear your voice.

And what is this - that you are called for an interview, you are ready, you are the greatest!

Well, it does not work like that. Even if you manage to repel the first 900, you will be contacted for an interview with a hundred more and you need to face your greatest fear - the investor, who has no idea what you're doing, but he read somewhere along the lines of your money request form.

This time, you need to be concise and brief what exactly your business going and make sure that you have planned your financial transaction for at least the next year. With a lot of luck, you are in the last twenty, which at their height.

The last part might be against the teams less, but is more difficult, because you need to explain your idea, your business plan and maybe even your life family as long as 3 minutes. Subsequently, in the next 15 minutes the investors will ensure they crucify you with questions, most of which you have already responded, but their purpose is to confuse you.

You do not have to be prepared, you just need to be as calm and confident as possible. Even if you fail, many do it on the first try, at least you will know first hand what you are against.

Obtaining venture capital investment is certainly not an easy task, and you will see that you are not to work on your first try, unless you've worked in the field as an employee, and that you have researched a lot.

However, with experience comes power, and if you really believe that your idea that will change the world, you should try as many times as possible.

Alex Flower works as a junior at editor. Feel free to send your suggestions to twitter @topnewstodayorg. For more information, visit