Crude Oil Weekly Fundamental Analysis January 21 -25, 2013, Forecast

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Weekly Analysis and Recommendation:

Crude Oil closed the week at 95.82 after hitting 96.48 on Thursday. As geopolitical tensions grew with Islamic and Al-queda attacks in Mali and Algeria, crude prices climbed. Midweek EIA inventories surprised traders showing a significant drop in inventories. While strong data from the US and China improved demand.

Oil prices dropped on Friday as traders banked profits from the previous day’s gains Prices had closed up more than a dollar on Thursday, boosted by positive economic reports in the United States and fears linked to hostage-taking on an Algerian gas field. Investors also reacted to economic data out of China, choosing to focus on gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the final quarter of 2012, which showed an uptick after seven straight quarters of slowing expansion. Beijing said the world’s number two economy expanded 7.8 percent in 2012, better than the government target of 7.5 percent, marking a second straight year of easing owing to weakness in key overseas markets

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Major Economic Events for the week of January 14 – 18 actual v. forecast for Euro, GPB, the Franc, and USD

NY Empire State Manufacturing Index 

TIC Net Long-Term Transactions 

Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index 

Chinese Fixed Asset Investment (YoY) 

Chinese Industrial Production (YoY) 

Historical: From 2010 to Present

Highest:   114.81 on May 02, 2011

Average: 89.58 over this period

Lowest:   67.17 on May 25, 2010



This Week in Petroleum
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Economic Highlights of the coming week that affect the Euro, GBP, CHF and the USD

Upcoming Government Bond

Date Time Country 

Jan 21 10:00 Slovakia 

Jan 22 09:10 Holland 

Jan 22 09:30 Spain 

Jan 22 10:30 UK 

Jan 23 10:10 Sweden 

Jan 23 16:30 Italy  

Jan 24 01:30 Japan 

Jan 24 12:00 Norway 

Jan 24 15:30 Sweden 

Jan 24 16:00 US