EUR/USD analysis fundamental weekly January 21-25, 2013, forecasting

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Weekly analysis and recommendation:

The EUR/USD closed the week at 1.3315 on the top of the week at 1.3404. The euro remained strong after the ECB Draghi comments sparked markets last week and then the battle of the comments, statements and rumors that followed, with the central banker playing top and at the bottom of the rise of the currency. At the end of the week each party had heard of and the euro remained strong against the US dollar. While traders are looking closely at eco data to see if there is a recovery in sight. European Central Bank Executive Board Member Benoit Coeuré said Friday that a weaker euro is not a panacea for the economy of the euro area.

"A fall in the exchange rate is not the panacea who dream of industrial enterprises", because it raises the price of imported goods needed by the industry, Coeuré said on French radio.

He said that he did not believe that U.S. federal reserve was looking looking for a weaker dollar, but the currency war danger existed during periods of slow global growth.

European markets will contribute to the tone of the vast global market mainly through high-risk data. Investigations at the top of list, including managers of purchase Thursday of the eurozone indices that are supposed to represent manufacturing European as stuck in the recession, but accompanied by more resilient service sector. German investor confidence (Tuesday) can improve a bit as a result of the agreement tax Cliff premiered in the United States of January then deferred risk still waiting. German business confidence (Friday) also incur some upside, even though entering the recession in 2012Q4 Germanys could restrain the feeling.

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Major economic events for the week of January 14-18 real c. forecasts for Euro, GBP, Franc and USD

New York Empire State manufacturing index

TIC net long-term transactions

Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index

Chinese fixed investment in assets (YoY)

Chinese industrial production (YoY)

History:2010 To present

Highest:1.4940 USD on May 4, 2011.

Average:US $ 1.3434 during this period.

Lowest:US $ 1.1877 on June 7, 2010.

Made economic highlights of the coming week affecting the Euro, GBP, CHF and USD

Upcoming government bonds

Date time country

Jan 21 10: 00 Slovakia

Jan 22 09: 10 Holland

Jan 22 09: 30 Spain

Jan 22 10: 30 UK

Jan 23 10: 10 Sweden

Jan 23 16: 30 Italy

Jan 24 01: 30 Japan

Jan 24 12: 00 Norway

Jan 24 15: 30 Sweden

Jan 24 16: 00 we

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