Government of the Philippines geothermal shoot, strong prospects for 2013

"To be the largest producer of geothermal energy is our plan to 2030," Ariel d. Fronda, head of the division, said the Business World Online nation. To do this, "[w] e will need approximately 1 405 MW of additional by 2030," an increase by 75% by the year 2030.

A possible channel of geothermal support could be an extension of the system of tariff (TRG), which has been approved in 2012 for hydro, biomass, wind and solar, and heat from the ocean, but not for geothermal energy. The National geothermal Association of the Philippines (NGAP) is looking to see an extension of the FIT again, development and non-conventional geothermal projects. "The NGAP he will propose to the National Council for renewable energy (DGRNE), then the Commission will assess the request and consider if it had influence," GNPA Director Ariel d. Fronda said "The investments will flow because there are rates FIT already, while the investors will surely benefit from the exploitation of non-conventional resources," he added.

An emerging development was considered by president René Escalona Puno's own local company Rock Renewable Energy Resources Corp. with Manila Standard Today. The company has gained 2009 offers the Natib and the prospects of geothermal Dahlan in the provinces of Bataan and Benguet, now plans to pursue geothermal development there. "Estimates of reserves, that the field has a potential to support a development of 50 megawatts condition sufficient permeability is encountered in the future well," said Mr. paper clean rock.

At the same time, an expiration date looms in may 2013 for the contract for the sale of steam between Aboitiz Power Corp. and Chevron geothermal Philippines Holdings, which operates 289 megawatts (MW) Tiwi Albay plants and facilities of 458 MW MakBan in Laguna and Batangas. If a new deal is not reached, Tiwi-MakBan steam price will be pushed to P2.80 by kilowatt hour or contract, famous Abscbnnews.comof supply of 74% higher than the current cost, based on the geothermal resource indexed coal.

This article was originally published in GEA geothermal Weekly and has been republished with permission.

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