Honda Accord Hybrid coming (no PHEV) achieves outstanding MPG (68 mpg)

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It is a hybrid of Honda Accord coming (to Japan), which provides an exceptional 68 mpg (or 3.4 l / 100 km) through the use of a two-motor hybrid drive system. This is not the Honda Accord plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle (PHEV) that we have written about previously, but that plug-in HYBRIDS will benefit also from this new dual-engine propulsion system.

Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan via Honda

That surpasses the 23.4 km per litre and 23.2 km per litre Toyota Camry and hybrid of the Crown, respectively. It exceeds even 27.2 km/litre of the Honda Insight hybrid.

It is the Honda more available energy efficient when it is released. It is available for rental by the enterprises and municipalities at the Japan.

According to the green car Congress, hybrid of the agreement is likely to sell for a little more than 3 million yen (about $34 400), and Honda hopes to 10,000 per year.