Strong China continues growth of renewable energy

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Good news for the planet Earth, and news that should we kick in contrast to the Western nations up to the proverbial China again stretched its renewable energy installed, power increases capacity of wind energy up to 56 megawatts end October 2012 and increasing its capacity to 206 megawatts of hydro.

Energy renewable capacity installation Chinese growth has been impressive and even more when you consider that its growth was higher than the global average.

The world average growth of wind energy over the past decade has been by 25% while the capacity of wind power in China has increased at an average annual growth of 60%.

When it comes to solar power, the average world growth was 44%, while China managed 50% during the same period.

This is good news to see China reaching and defeating the objectives it has set for itself, in view in particular of recently introduced its 12th five-year Plan, in which China has set a goal to increase its consumption of 478 million tonnes of coal equivalent energy. This would represent approximately 9.5% of the total energy consumption in the country by 2015.

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