Weekly natural gas analysis fundamental-January 21-25, 2013, forecasting

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Introduction: However, natural gas is a major product, which is used for everything from cooking food to the homes of heating during the winter. Natural gas is growing much faster than any of its competitors from non-renewable fossil fuels, oil and coal.

Don't miss the weekly inventories report in the United States. The figures are issued by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) each Thursday afternoon at 15: 30 (published Friday at 15: 30, if there was one day American holiday Monday). Heres a link to the about thelatest EIA report. The main gas natural displacement figure there is the variation of stocks of the previous week. When it comes to gas inventories report, spoke about BCF BCF for short.

When the change in the number of inventories is released, it is the gap between the expected number is really important. If the number of actual stocks increased Bcf 24 when an increase in CBF 84 was expected, it is actually positive for the price of natural gas. Any otherwise equal, the price of natural gas is expected to increase after the liberation.

A barrel of oil has about 6 times the energy content of natural gas. If the fuel were perfect substitutes, oil prices would tend to be natural gas prices about 6 times. However, due to different characteristics of the market briefly discussed above and the ease of use of the oil, the oil price followed a model 8 - 12 times that of natural gas. However, this ratio has expanded considerably since March 2009.

Weekly analysis and recommendation:

Natural gas negotiated in a strange way, this week, without much support hardcore merchandise acquired to close the week at 3.572 escalation of the Monday open 3.369 Accuweather as cold temperatures and frost throughout the Atlantic coast to the United States and in parts of the Midwest. Japan has reported an increase in the use of the natural gas it imports from United States.

Weekly inventories showed a steady rise in inventories of natural gas reaches a maximum of six weeks in New York, capping a second straight weekly gain, as frigid weather forecast reported the increased demand for heating fuel. Including Services of MDA in Bethesda, Maryland, weather forecasters predicted temperatures below normal in the Midwest to the Northeast during the next 10 days.

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Major economic events for the week of January 14-18 real c. forecasts for Euro, GBP, Franc and USD

New York Empire State manufacturing index

TIC net long-term transactions

Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index

Chinese fixed investment in assets (YoY)

Chinese industrial production (YoY)

History:2010 To present

Higher: 6.106 on January 7, 2010

Average: 3.836 during this period

Lowest: 1.903 on April 19, 2012


Made economic highlights of the coming week affecting the Euro, GBP, CHF and USD

Upcoming government bonds

Date time country

Jan 21 10: 00 Slovakia

Jan 22 09: 10 Holland

Jan 22 09: 30 Spain

Jan 22 10: 30 UK

Jan 23 10: 10 Sweden

Jan 23 16: 30 Italy

Jan 24 01: 30 Japan

Jan 24 12: 00 Norway

Jan 24 15: 30 Sweden

Jan 24 16: 00 we

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