Electric car sharing program opened in Tel Aviv

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The Israeli city of Tel Aviv is planning the creation of a vast electric because sharing program. For obvious reasons, the countries could significantly reduce its dependence on fossil fuels imported. The new electric car sharing program is not good in this direction. The ultimate goal of non-recognition, of course, is a free Israel of oil.


It is anticipated that the company French Renault will feature heavily in the new program. It already is a sister of "major partner in one of the projects of the first electric car to Israel, the exchange of batteries Better Place," notes Gas2's site. "If Better Place and Renault was able to convince politicians that the battery Exchange and carpooling is a perfect marriage, it would be a great victory for the innovator of EV hard."

IDO Shamir, Director of the Tel Aviv - Yafo Economic Development Authority, said because sharing plans interested mainly in people who travel frequently, "such as families already have a car," adding, as such a system "reduces the number of vehicles and air pollution and free parking spaces.

Such a program is accepted by the Israeli public remains to be seen how quickly and easily. A switch to electric cars and renewable energy sources is probably an inevitability for the country. Its dependence on imported oil makes it very vulnerable if a large to break out regional war.

Car sharing is actually a trend growing in the world due to the benefits listed above. And there are now several companies and organizations that focus exclusively on the car-sharing of electric vehicles.